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“I’m Pregnant”
Under normal circumstances, pregnancy is a time of enormous physical and emotional change as your body prepares to nurture and carry your developing baby over the next nine months. In an unexpected pregnancy, there will be additional stresses and pressures as you sort through how you feel about your pregnancy, your pregnancy options, and your next steps. If you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Victoria, BC, please know you are not alone. Our experienced volunteers have a wealth of knowledge and information, from valuable links for finding a maternity doctor to information about pregnancy and new parent resources.

At Birthright, we’ll walk you through your pregnancy, offering friendship and support for as long as you want us.

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“Pregnancy Symptoms”

How can I tell if I’m pregnant?

Many symptoms of pregnancy are also signs of an impending menstrual period. So how do you tell if your feelings are PMS or pregnancy?

A missed period is one of the best indicators. If paired with several items from the list below, pregnancy is an increased possibility, and you should probably take a pregnancy test.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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“Unexpected Pregnancy Solutions”

As you move through pregnancy, you may be surprised at what unfolds. You’ll probably find that family reactions change from initial shock or surprise to excitement for the coming baby.

For yourself, feeling your baby move for the first time often has a powerful impact on expectant mothers. Suddenly the baby seems natural in a more intimate and personal way.

Many women experience a fierce sense of mother love and protectiveness as they bond with their babies. And with that tenderness comes determination and increased confidence.

It’s not that unexpected pregnancy complications disappear, but you grow in self-assurance and faith that you will weather the challenges of unplanned parenthood.

“Are you a young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy?”

It can be a scary and overwhelming experience, but you don’t have to face it alone. We offer information and support for women like you at Birthright Victoria.

We will help you with a wealth of information on pregnancy, including how to care for yourself and what to expect during labour and delivery.

If you’re unsure about what’s going on with your pregnancy or want to talk to someone who understands what you’re going through, our experienced professionals are here to help.

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