Shrubs, Trees, Climbers, Bulbs and Tubers

Birthright Plant Sales by Order

Interested in shrubs and ornamentals? Buying local? Supporting a local charity? You can do all that and more by purchasing plants from Birthright Victoria! We’ve re-envisioned our usual May plant sales* as Plants by Order for 2021. Please use our contact form to order plants or book a private browsing session. Include your phone number as a back-up contact and list the plants you’d like and numbers wanted. We’ll get back to you with an itemized invoice, payment options, and pick-up information.

We’ve completed our local drop offs to Oak Bay, Sidney, and Cobble Hill locations, but orders can still be collected from Peggy’s greenhouse in Langford.

*Our Garden Babies for Birthright Plant Sales raise valuable funds so that we may continue the pregnancy support service of Birthright Victoria. Offering friendship and support to women experiencing unplanned pregnancy…because we care.

Shrubs and Other Ornamentals

On this page, you’ll find detailed descriptions of our shrubs, trees, climbers, bulbs and tubers. You can also see our 2021 Edibles listing here, and our complete listing for Perennials, Ground Covers and Rock Plants, Grasses, Basket Stuffers and Annuals here.

Shrub Basics: Know your Gardening Conditions

Knowing your gardening conditions will help you choose plants that thrive where they are planted. For best results, you want to match soil fertility, moisture level, and amount of sun with the needs of your plants. Most shrubs and ornamentals prefer rich to average garden soil, but there are some with a distinct taste for poor, rocky soil without fertilizer. These plants perform best in conditions of benign neglect. Many of them are sun lovers and drought tolerant once established. Other ornamentals wilt terribly in full sun but thrive in moist shade. And still others will tolerate some level of partial shade, even if their preference is for full sun.

Some shrubs also have a decided preference for acidic or alkaline soils. You can make your soil more acidic by adding peat moss or similar amendments, while adding garden lime will make your soil more alkaline.

If you have deer in your garden, you’ll notice that they also have distinct preferences. Many lovely shrubs are, unfortunately, top deer fodder, but there are shrubs which deer actively dislike, and others which they mostly leave alone. We’ve noted these shrubs as “deer-resistant,” although of course your deer may have different tastes than ours. Before buying shrubs and other plants, take a wander through your garden and note your soil quality and growing conditions. Then watch for these terms in the plant descriptions below.

Landscaping with Shrubs

Most new gardeners are drawn to the flowering annuals until they discover they need to be replaced each year. Then they turn to perennials for a burst of spring or summer colour. What they don’t realize is that shrubs and trees are the building blocks of garden structure. They form the backdrop for the garden and help to define spaces and set the mood. It’s also much easier to plant larger shrubs first before you fill your space with those lovely perennials.

When choosing shrubs and larger ornamentals, pay attention to their height and spread at maturity, so that you avoid eventual overcrowding. A tall shrub, tree, or climber in the back of your border adds an element of vertical interest but casts shorter plantings in the shade if you don’t take into account its eventual height and location. It’s also much easier to relocate smaller perennials as the garden fills in than large shrubby plants. Notations on this page reflect height and width at maturity, rather than present dimensions, unless otherwise noted.

A last consideration: select shrubs based on their overall appearance, not just their flowers. Some plants are deciduous, often colouring dramatically in the fall before losing their leaves, only to put forth fresh new shoots in the spring. Others are evergreen, and still others die back to nothing after they’ve finished flowering, then burst forth from the roots the following spring. Some plants also have unusual foliage shapes or colours. Others show striking variegation. Each is attractive in its own way: choose plants which you find pleasing and which complement each other well.


Shrubs: Abelia Kaleidoscope
Abelia Kaleidoscope

White flowers in late summer/fall. Eye-catching variegated foliage changes colour with the season. For sun. Tolerant of partial shade though variegation is better in full sun. Deer resistant. 2-3 ft tall x 3-4 wide. $12. Gallon pots. 7 pots available.

Shrubs: Amorpha Canascens
Amorpha Canascens

Blue to purple flowers on neat, pea-like foliage. Deciduous. Sun. Both drought-tolerant and deer-resistant. 18-24 inches tall x 24-30 inches wide. $5. Gallon pots. 3 pots available.


These low, ornamental shrubs also fall into the herb category. They are prized for their aromatic, filagree-like foliage rather than their flowers. Artemisias are sun and drought tolerant, as well as deer resistant. For well-drained soil. Hardy as long as their roots do not sit in water over the winter.

Our Artemisias are priced at $3-4, depending on size.
Shrubs: Artemisia Cola Plant
Artemisia abrotanum

Also known as Cola Plant or Southernwood. Ferny green foliage. Tips have a pronounced cola scent and taste, suitable for culinary uses. Tolerant of some shade. 2-4 ft tall x 2-3 ft wide. 5 pots available.

Shrubs: Artemisia Powis Castle
Powis Castle

Handsome, silvery foliage shrub. A woody, upright Artemisia which does not flop over like its cousin ‘Silver Mound.’ Cut back hard in early spring for bushy growth. 3 ft tall x 2.5 ft wide. 8 pots available.


Also known as Barberry. Thorny, broadly rounded deciduous or evergreen shrubs form natural hedges or make striking specimen plantings.

All of our Berberis are in gallon size pots and priced at $5 each.
Shrubs: Berberis Rose Glow
Rose Glow

Charming, compact deciduous shrub with eye-catching foliage of deep rose-red leaves mottled with pink and white. Full sun to partial shade. Drought tolerant as well as deer resistant. 3-5 ft tall x 3-4 ft wide. Not available 2021.

Shrubs Berberis Sunsation Monry
Sunsation Monry

Golden, deciduous foliage makes this shrub a great accent plant. Sun to part shade. Tolerant of both dry and moist soils. Drought as well as deer tolerant. 3-4 ft tall and wide. Sold out 2021.

Shrubs: Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush

Large purple flower spikes resemble lilacs. Attractive to butterflies and other beneficial insects. Sun to part shade. Prefers well-drained soil. Drought tolerant once established. Prune back hard in early spring for best flowering. To 7 ft tall x 5 ft wide, depending on pruning. $8. 1-2-gallon pots. 14 pots available.

Callicarpa bodinieri Profusion

Also known as Beauty Berry. Large shrub with small lilac flowers in spring and showy metallic purple berries in winter. Sun to part shade. Drought as well as deer tolerant. 8-12 ft tall x 5-6 ft wide, although growth can be contained by growing in a large pot. $10. 1 & 2 gallon pots. 14 pots available.

Shrubs: Caryopteris Blue Knoll
Caryopteris Blue Knoll

Also known as Bluebeard. Masses of bright blue flowers in the fall on aromatic gray foliage. Disliked by deer. For sun. Drought tolerant once established. 3ft tall x 3 ft wide. $6. Gallon pot. Sold out 2021.


Also known as California Lilac, these mostly evergreen shrubs have masses of blue spring flowers atop glossy green leaves. Some are ground cover forms while others grow quite large. In addition to preferring acidic soil, all require a well-drained site in full sun.

All of our Ceanothuses are in gallon pots. See below for pricing.
Shrubs: Ceanothus Joyce Coulter
Joyce Coulter

Attractive mounding habit. Both deer and drought tolerant. 3-5 ft tall x 6-8 ft wide. $5. Sold out 2021.

Shrubs: Ceanothus Lemon Ice
Lemon Ice

A variation on Ceanothus Victoria with attractive, variegated yellow and green foliage topped by blue flowers. More tolerant of partial shade than other Ceanothuses. Both drought and deer tolerant. Also tolerant of coastal conditions and salt spray. Growth habit is similar to C. Victoria but on a smaller scale. 3-4 ft tall x 3 ft wide. $10. 1 pot available.

Shrubs: Ceanothus Marie Simon
Marie Simon

Pretty, rounded shrub with panicles of fragrant light pink flowers atop showy red stems. Deciduous. 3-6 ft tall and wide at maturity. More tender than some, so site in a sheltered location. $7. 5 pots available.

Shrubs: Ceanothus Point Reyes
Point Reyes

Ground cover form of Ceanothus with gray-blue flowers on leathery, toothed green leaves. Both drought and deer tolerant. 1-3 ft tall x 6-8 ft wide. $5. 11 pots available.


The largest and most well-known of the Ceanothuses. Deep blue flowers cover the glossy green foliage in spring. Both deer and drought tolerant. Also tolerant of coastal conditions and salt spray. A good windbreak or privacy hedge. 6-9 ft tall x 5-12 ft wide. Not available 2021.

Shrubs Pink Chrysanthemum
Pink Chrysanthemum

Lovely, double pink flowers in the fall atop 1.5-2 ft plants. This is one of those plants which die back to nothing after flowering, only to put forth new growth in spring. For moist but well-drained soil in sun. This plant is a heavy feeder, so fertilize regularly. $4. Gallon size. 6 pots available.


Also known as Rock Rose. These shrubs want well-drained, rocky, even poor soil, and full sun. Fertilizing shortens their life spans so refrain from that kindness. Drought tolerant once established, and deer-resistant, they thrive on benign neglect and reward with showy flowers in shades of white and pink. Height varies from dwarf 1 foot varieties to the large Cistus Purpurea at 4-6 foot tall and wide.

All of our Cistuses are in gallon pots and priced at $10 each.
Shrubs Cistus Canescens

Papery pink flowers each last just a day, but they are plentiful. 3 ft tall x 2.5 ft wide. 8 pots available.

Shrubs: Cistus Corbariensis

Cheery white flowers with orange stamens on 4 ft x 5 ft plants. 17 pots available.

Shrubs: Cistus Grayswood Pink
Grayswood Pink

Soft rose-pink flowers on 1.5-2 ft plants. 2 pots available.

Shrubs: Cistus purpurea

Among the largest of the cistuses, with magenta flowers and distinctive, dark blotches at the base of each petal. Extremely vigorous. 4-6 ft tall and wide. Sold out 2021.

Shrubs: Cistus Victor Reiter
Victor Reiter

Hot pink flowers with a hint of coral above gray-green foliage. 3-4 ft tall and wide. Sold out 2021.


Ornamental shrubs known for their landscaping uses, small leaves, inconsequential flowers, and bright red berries in late summer. Generally drought tolerant, accepting of a variety of soil types, and deer resistant. See our listing under Ground Covers on our Perennials Page for additional varieties.

All of our shrubby Cotoneasters are in gallon pots and priced at $3 each.
Shrubs: Cotoneaster (microphyllus?)

Unknown variety: a creeping, small leafed Cotoneaster. 2-3 ft tall x 6-8 ft wide. 1 pot available.

Shrubs: Upright Cotoneaster

Landscape specimen to 5-6 ft tall and 4-5 ft wide. 5 pots available.

Curry Plant

A member of the Helichrysum family, with silver, curry-scented foliage and masses of yellow flowers in June. Hated by deer. Mediterranean herb/shrub for sun. Hardy and drought tolerant, so long as it has winter shelter from cold winds and its roots do not sit in water. Not available 2021.

Cypress or False Cypress?

This mature shrub, previously grown in a large pot, came in misidentified, but we think it is a Cypress or False Cypress. The shrub is densely branching, with a fat, rounded Christmas tree shape. Healthy and attractive. With 2 feet of rootball, this one will need a deep planting hole or a very large pot. Looks likely to be a large shrub. Present size: 5 ft of top growth x 2 ft wide. Price: $20. Sold out 2021.


A family of graceful, old-fashioned small shrubs flowering in pink or white. Drought tolerant, these shrubs are happy in sun but will also tolerate partial shade.

All of our Deutzias are in 1-2 gallon pots and priced from $10 – $15.
Shrubs: Deutzia rosea

Sweet, compact shrub, pink flowers in early spring. 3 ft tall and wide. $10. 21 one-gallon pots available.

Shrubs: Deutzia Strawberry Fields
Strawberry Fields

A taller and airier cultivar than our other Deutzias with beautiful two-toned pink flowers in early summer. 4-6 ft tall x 3 ft wide. $10. 8 one-gallon pots available.

Shrubs: White Deutzia
White Deutzia

A compact, well-behaved shrub with white flowers in early spring. 2-3 ft tall and wide. $15. 17 two-gallon pots available.

Shrubs: Escallonia Newport Dwarf
Escallonia Newport Dwarf

Deep pink flowers in summer on glossy green foliage. A good container or low border plant. Sun-loving as well as drought tolerant. This plant is also fond of acidic soil. 2.5-3 ft tall by 2-3 ft wide. $6. Gallon pot. Not available 2021.

Shrubs: Euonymous Emerald Gaiety
Euonymous Emerald Gaiety

Variegated, low foliage plant for ground cover or trailing over pots. Excellent as a foundation planting. Full sun to part shade. Drought tolerant but unfortunately favoured by deer. 3-5 ft tall and wide. $5. Gallon pots. 28 pots available.


Also known as Spurge. Drought tolerant shrubs with mostly yellow green flowers in early spring. These plants do well in poor, rocky soil without fertilizing. Sun to part shade. Drought tolerant. Some varieties are invasive, either through runners or seeding.

All of our Euphorbias are in gallon pots. See below for pricing.
Shrubs: Euphorbia Amygdaloides

Low evergreen forming rosettes of shiny green leaves above which lime green flowers rise in late spring. Spreads through underground runners and is therefore considered invasive. Thrives in a variety of soils, including poor soil in dry shade. 12-20 inches tall and colonizing over a large area. $2. 6 pots available.

Shrubs: Euphorbia Fire Glow
Fire Glow

Vigorous shrub with red-tinged foliage followed by showy, orange-red flowers in early summer. Unlike some of its cousins, this striking Euphorbia is only a moderate spreader. Full sun to part shade. Well-drained soil. 2-3 ft tall x 2 ft wide. $4. Sold out 2021.

Shrubs: Euphorbia Polychroma

Also known as Cushion Spurge for it’s mounding habit. This shrub has a low, bushy, dome shape, with glowing yellow flower heads in spring. Unlike some of the other Euphorbias, this variety is not invasive. 12-18 inches tall and wide. Sun to part shade. $4. Sold out 2021.

Shrubs: Euphorbia Wulfenii

A plant with presence. Reliably deer-proof. 3-4 ft tall x 3 ft wide. Sun to part shade. Although this variety does not spread through underground runners, it seeds freely. $3. 12 pots available.

Shrubs: Exochorda The Bride
Exochorda ‘the Bride’

Also known as Pearl Bush for its white flowers in spring on lovely arching branches. Full sun in moist but well-drained soil. Drought tolerant once established. Deciduous. 4-5 ft tall and wide. Gallon pots priced at $10. 2 pots available.

Fatsia Japonica

Also known as Japanese Aralia. With its bold, shiny foliage, this shrub creates a tropical vibe in the garden or as an indoor plant. Huge, deeply lobed leaves grow to a foot across. This fast growing shrub thrives in full to partial shade, reaching 6-10 ft tall and wide in the open garden and 6 ft tall by 3-4 ft wide inside. Hardy in zone 7 or warmer. Fatsia flowers are white and globe shaped, although the plant is grown primarily for its evergreen foliage. $5. 3 one-gallon, freshly potted plants available.

Shrubs: Forsythia Lynwood Gold
Forsythia Lynwood Gold

This shrub has an upward spreading habit. Golden flowers cover the branches in late winter. Flowers on old wood, so do not prune until just after flowering. 8-10 ft tall and wide. $10. 2-gallon pots. 20 pots available.

Shrubby Fuchsias

Unlike the tender fuchsias commonly used for hanging baskets, these fuchsias are hardy and have an upright habit. Whether pendulous or upright, fuchsias are known for their nodding bi-coloured flowers. Hardy fuchsias prefer rich, moist but well-drained soil, regular fertilizing, and shade to part shade.

Shrubs: Hardy Fuchsia double red purple
Double Red Purple

This is one of the showier hardy fuchsias with larger, double blooms, but the trade-off is that it is still somewhat tender. Arrange some winter protection or plant in a pot and bring inside for the winter. For more details, see the discussion under Protecting Tender Perennials on our Perennials page. 2-3 ft tall x 3-4 ft wide. Price: $4. Sold out 2021.

Shrubs: Hardy Fuchsia single red purple
Single Red Purple

More reliably hardy than the double version, this hardy fuchsia sports many smaller, single blooms. 2-4 ft tall and wide. Price: $5. 1 two-gallon pot available.

Shrubs: Creeping Germander
Creeping Germander

Both a handsome sub-shrub and an herb, with small, glossy green leaves and bright pink flowers. Although this small shrub belongs to the mint family, it is not invasive and prefers sun. 10 inches tall x 18 inches wide. $3. 10 pots available.


Heathers comprise a category of evergreen sub-shrubs which flower in shades of pink, purple, red, and white. Most are Ericas, although Callunas and a few other genera also commonly go by the name Heather. As long as it is acidic, they will tolerate poor, rocky soils and coastal conditions. Avoid fertilizing, and make sure your soil is well draining. Once established, heathers are drought-tolerant. These low plants prefer sun but will tolerate partial shade. When planting, dig peat moss or other acidic amendments into your soil. These shrubs are also deer resistant. Heathers are commonly described by their bloom period, which can be winter/spring, summer, or fall.

All of our Heathers are in 5 inch pots and priced at $3.
Carnea Porter’s Red

Flowers are more magenta than red, born on low, carpeting plants. Among the most cold-hardy of the heathers. Winter/spring blooming. 6 inches tall x 18 inches wide. 12 pots available.

Cinerea Eden Valley

White blooms with lilac tips. Summer/fall blooming. 8 inches tall x 20 inches wide. Not available 2021.

Shrubs: Darleyensis Alice
Darleyensis Alice

Large magenta flowers on bushy, vigorous plants. Winter/spring blooming. 18 inches tall x 24 inches wide. 3 pots available.

Shrubs; Darleyensis Furzey
Darleyensis Furzey

Lilac pink blooms on bushy, vigorous plants. Winter/spring blooming. 15 inches tall x 24 inches wide. 12 pots available.

Shrubs: Heather Tetralix George Fraser
Tetralix George Fraser

Pale pink flowers with showy contrasting buds on olive green, erect foliage. Named after a nurseryman from Ucluelet. Summer/fall blooming. 8-10 inches tall x 10-12 inches wide. 3 pots available.

Shrubs: English Holly
English Holly

Large evergreen shrub or tree with sharp, pointed leaves. Red winter berries if both male and female plants are within range. Full sun to partial shade. May grow as large as 15-50 ft tall x 8-12 ft wide, but a smaller size may be maintained through regular pruning. $4. Gallon size. Sold out 2021.


Hydrangeas flower in summer in shades of blue, purple, pink, red, and white. For the blue-purple and pink-red flowering varieties, you can alter flower colour by making the soil more acidic (producing bluer flowers) or more alkaline (producing pinker flowers). Changing soil acidity has no effect on white flowering plants, nor will you be able to change the intensity of the flower colour.

Two common ways to increase soil acidity and therefore change the colour of your blooms are to (1) dig peat or other acidic amendments into your planting hole. This will more permanently alter flower colour towards the blue range. (2) Water with aluminum sulfate every 2-3 weeks. This will also change flower colour toward the blue range, but treatment needs to be done regularly to maintain the colour. Both methods may take up to a year to alter soil acidity and flower colour.

To change bloom colour to pink, you can make your soil more alkaline by adding garden lime. Like with aluminum sulfate, treatment will have to be repeated at regular intervals in order to maintain the colour.

Hydrangeas are deciduous shrubs which prefer rich, moist soil that is well-draining. Morning sun followed by afternoon shade provides ample light while protecting them from intense sun which might dry out their shallow roots.

All of our hydrangeas are in 12 gallon pots and priced at $12 each.
Shrubs: Ayesha Hydrangea

A very beautiful Hydrangea with lilac-like, curled flowers atop vigorous growth. More tolerant of sun than other varieties, but protect it from full sun. 4 ft tall and wide. 22 pots available.

Shrubs: Bloomstruck Hydrangea

Large violet blue or rose pink blooms depending on soil acidity. Longer blooming because of their ability to flower on both old and new wood. Leaves turn burgundy red in fall. 4 ft tall x 5 ft wide. 3 pots available.

Shrubs: Variegated Lace-cap Hydrangea
Blue variegated

Lace-cap variety with blue buds surrounded by white to light blue open flowers atop green and cream variegated foliage. 4 ft tall x 5 ft wide. 9 pots available.

Shrubs: Bluebird Lace-cap Hydrangea

Compact shrub with delicate lace-cap blooms consisting of showy outer flowers circling a central cluster of deep blue florets. 3-6 ft tall and wide. 11 pots available.

Shrubs: Dark Blue Hydrangea
Dark Blue-Purple or Red-Pink

This is an intensely coloured hydrangea, currently flowering a deep red-pink. See above for options to change the colour to dark blue-purple. 3-6 ft tall and wide. 5 pots available.

Shrubs: Miss Saori Hydrangea
Miss Saori

Dwarf hydrangea with tiered flower heads loaded with double white blooms with rose margins. Maroon tinged green foliage. A unique hydrangea with show-stopper appeal due to its striking flowers combined with colourful foliage. 3 ft tall and wide. 5 gallon pots available of this slower-growing but choice variety (plants are a bit smaller than our other varieties).

Shrubs: Nikko Blue Hydrangea
Nikko Blue

The most well-known hydrangea, combining large flower heads with a longer blooming season than many other varieties. 3-4 ft tall and wide. 5 pots available.

Shrubs: Pink Beauty Hydrangea
Pink Beauty

Showy pink blooms atop green leaves veined in red. 4 ft tall and wide. 7 pots available.

Shrubs: White Hydrangea

Another of the large-flowered hydrangeas, with prominent white flower heads. 3- 6 ft tall and wide. Not available 2021.

Shrubs: Iberis Alexander's White
Iberis Alexander’s White

Also known as Perennial Candytuft. Evergreen sub-shrub topped with pure white flowers in spring. Full sun in well-drained soil. Both drought and deer tolerant. 6-12 inches tall x 12-18 inches wide. $8. Gallon size. 21 pots available.

Kerria Japonica Pleniflora

Double yellow flowers in early spring on a large, suckering bush. Deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub has graceful, arching branches which remain an attractive green when the plant loses its foliage in winter. Happy in sun to partial shade to full shade, though the flowers fade in full sun. Prefers moist, rich soil, but will tolerate a range of soils. Drought tolerant once established, as well as deer resistant. 6 ft tall x 8 ft wide. $10. Gallon pots. 9 pots available.

Kolkwitzia Pink Cloud

Also known as Beauty Bush. Large shrub with masses of pink blooms on gracefully arching branches. Deciduous. Sun. Drought tolerant as well as deer-resistant. 6-10 ft tall and wide. $12. Gallon size. 13 pots available.

Shrubs: Portuguese Laurel
Portuguese Laurel

Evergreen shrub for hedges, screens, or windbreaks. Dense green foliage on maroon stems. Full sun to partial shade. Drought as well as deer tolerant. 20 ft tall and wide if untrimmed. $3. Sold out 2021.

Shrubs: Lavatera rosea
Lavatera rosea

Semi-evergreen shrub with multiple pink-flowering stems. Profuse flowering over a long period in summer. Sun to partial shade. 5-6 ft tall and wide. A woody plant not to be confused with the shorter Annual Lavatera. $15. 15 2-gallon pots available.


Sweetly aromatic small shrubs with mostly purple flowers in summer. These evergreen plants require sun, excellent drainage, and shelter from cold winter winds, making a protected slope ideal. Drought as well as deer tolerant.

All of our lavenders are in 6 inch or 1 gallon pots. See below for pricing.
Shrubs: Lavender Fred Boutin
Fred Boutin

Also known as Lavender Intermedia, this French hybrid has especially ornamental silver gray foliage topped with long-stemmed purple flower spikes in mid to late summer. At 24 inches tall by 36 inches wide, Fred Boutin is one of the best lavenders for shape and bushiness. Not available 2021.

Shrubs: Goodwin Creek Lavender
Goodwin Creek

Decorative and finely toothed silver gray foliage forms a dense mound topped by dark violet flowers. In trade-off for the ornamental foliage, flowers are less prominent than in other varieties. 20 inches tall x 24 inches wide. $7. 5 pots available.

Shrubs: Lavender Grosso

Large blue flower spikes on tall plants with green foliage. Another of the Intermedia French hybrids, this variety is used in the perfume industry for its intensely scented blooms. 24 x 30 inches tall and wide. $6. Sold out 2021.

Shrubs: Lavender Hidcote Blue
Hidcote Blue

Also known as English Lavender, this variety has dark purple flower spikes atop low, mounding foliage in late spring to early summer. 15-20 inches tall x 20-24 inches wide. S5. 4 one-year old plants in 6 inch pots available.

Shrubs: Melissa Lilac Lavender
Melissa Lilac

Another English Lavender. Soft lilac blooms above fine, silvery green foliage in mid summer. This variety features especially large flower spikes on neat, compact shrubs. 24 inches tall x 28 inches wide. $5. 2 one-year plants in 6 inch pots available.

Shrubs: Lusi Purple Lavender
Spanish Lusi Purple

Sometimes called Butterfly Lavender for its showy flowers which sport fluttery purple bracts or ‘flags’ atop dark purple cores. Also known as Spanish Lavender. Longer blooming than other varieties, Lusi Purple is among the most ornamental of lavenders but is also somewhat tender. Generally survives southern BC winters. 24 x 24 inches tall and wide. A larger, 3 year old plant: $10. Sold out 2021.

Shrubs: Wooly Lavender
Wooly Lavender

Also known as Lavender Lanata, this variety boasts wooly gray foliage topped with smoky dark purple flowers in mid summer. Less hardy than the English lavenders but more cold-tolerant than the Spanish varieties. 24-36 inches inches tall and wide. $7. 6 pots available.

Shrubs: Lilac

Also known as Syringa. Colour unknown, but probably purple or white. Heavenly scent and flowers on large shrubs in spring. 12-16 ft tall x 8-12 ft wide. $7. Sold out 2021.


Evergreen sub-shrubs preferring slightly acidic, well-drained, gritty soil. Plant beside paths, in rocky scree, or trailing over walls for a beautiful display of bright blue flowers in spring/summer. Also does well in containers. Drought tolerant once established. Full sun and fully deer-resistant.

Both Lithodora varieties are in short gallons and priced at $6 each.
Shrubs: Blue Lithodora

Bright blue flowers atop trailing, rosemary-like foliage. 6-10 inches tall x 24-30 inches wide. Sold out 2021.

Shrubs: Blue Star Lithodora
Blue Star

Blue flowers with white margins. Larger blooms than the blue variety. 6 inches tall x 24 inches wide. Sold out 2021.

Shrubs: Loropetalum
Loropetalum chinense Monraz

Also known as fringe flower. Fuzzy raspberry red flowers over a long period in spring/summer. Burgundy tinged foliage is evergreen. Plant in acidic soil in partial shade to full sun. Deer resistant. Moderate growing to 4-5 ft tall and wide. $6. 6-inch pots of this choice planting available. Sold out 2021.

Shrubs: Mexican Orange
Mexican Orange

Also known as Choisya. White, heavenly scented flowers above green, peppery leaves. Sun to partial shade. Deer resistant. 4 ft tall and wide. $10. Gallon pots. 10 pots available.

Mock Oranges

Also known as Philadelphus, the white flowers of these easy care shrubs resemble orange blossoms. Although not related, their scent is also reminiscent of orange blossom. Mock Oranges flower in June on old wood, so pruning should be delayed until after flowering. Mock Oranges prefer well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. They are rarely bothered by deer.

Both varieties are available in 2-gallon pots, although Virginal is more choice and sells for a higher price as a result.
Shrubs: Mock Orange Caucasicus

A hardy variety from the Caucasus mountains of Russia with single white flowers. 6-8 ft tall x 4-5 ft wide. $8. 2 pots available.

Shrubs: Mock Orange Virginal

A tall shrub with showy, double white flowers growing up to 10 ft tall and wide. Tolerant of pruning to limit size. This variety is generally more desirable and boasts showier blooms than P. Caucasicus. $15. 5 pots available.

Shrubs: Nandina AKA Heavenly Bamboo

Also known as Heavenly Bamboo, although the plant is not invasive like a true bamboo. Evergreen shrub grown for its delicate foliage and striking fruit display. Sun to part shade. Drought tolerant as well as deer resistant. 4-8 ft tall x 2-4 ft wide. $6. Sold out 2021.


Also known as Physocarpus, these deciduous shrubs are widely used in landscaping for their attractive bark, colourful foliage, pink or white flowers, and graceful habit. They are both hardy and reliable. Full sun to partial shade in average but well-draining garden soil.

Both varieties are available in 2-gallon pots, although the golden ninebark is more choice and sells for a higher price as a result.
Shrubs: Common Ninebark
Common ninebark

Ninebark gets its name from its multiple thin layers of exfoliating bark. Mid to dark green foliage is accompanied by profuse clusters of pinkish white flowers in early summer. Due to its hardiness, height, and graceful habit, this shrub makes a good choice for a windbreak or privacy screen. 5-8 ft tall x 4-6 ft wide. $6. 9 2-gallon pots available.

Shrubs: Golden Ninebark
Golden Ninebark

The yellow-green foliage of this variety lights up the garden and provides colourful contrast with green or purple-leafed plants. Corymbs of small cream flowers in early summer are followed by coppery fall foliage. 5-8 ft tall x 6-10 ft wide. $10. 15 2-gallon pots available.

Shrubby Potentillas

Not to be confused with the perennial potentillas, shrubby potentillas are tough, woody plants. Both drought tolerant and deer resistant, these compact, deciduous shrubs prefer full sun and poor soil.

Both varieties listed here are in gallon pots and priced at $10.
Shrubs: Potentilla Pink Whisper
Potentilla Pink Whisper

Attractive, pale pink flowers over finely-textured foliage throughout the summer. 2-3 ft tall and wide. 3 pots available.

Potentilla Tangerine

A particularly lovely potentilla with bright tangerine flowers over finely-textured, gray-green foliage throughout the summer. This variety has a compact, mounding habit to 2 ft tall by 4 ft wide. 2 pots available.

Shrubs: Rhodtypos scandens
Rhodotypos scandens

Also known as black jetbead. Easy care deciduous shrub with white flowers on deeply veined leaves, followed in fall by glossy black bead-like berries which persist into winter. Sun or shade. 5-6 ft tall and wide. $8. 1 1-gallon pot available.


Roses have a reputation for being finicky, high maintenance plants, but the varieties listed here are tough and generally easy-care. The Rugosas, especially, are strongly scented.

Shrubs: Rugosa Rose

Tough, easy care rose with deeply veined leaves best grown in sun. Fragrant magenta flowers in late spring/early summer. 4-8 ft tall x 4-6 ft wide. $10. Two 1-gallon pots available.

Shrubs: Rugosa Hansa
Rugosa Hansa

Vigorous, fragrant, double magenta-purple blooms from early summer to fall frost. Best grown in sun. Both reliable and drought tolerant. A showier offering than the common Rugosa Rose. 4-5 ft tall x 3-4 ft wide. $10. Sold out 2021.

Seed-grown Progeny of Morning Jewel Climbing Rose

Morning Jewel is a large double pink flowering climber, but it’s seed is variable, reflecting traits from both of its parents: New Dawn, a blush pink vigorous climber, and Red Dandy, a floribunda rose. So far, seedlings have produced single, small to medium blooms, flowering in shades of soft to deep pink. It’s unclear whether they will be climbers or bush roses. $3. Sold out 2021.


Showy deciduous shrubs producing large flowers in shades of white to blue to pink and purple, usually with contrasting ‘eyes,’ in mid to late summer. These large shrubs prefer moist but well-draining soil, although they will tolerate a range of soil types so long as it is neither too wet nor too dry. Sun to partial shade. Fast growing in hotter climates but moderate in our coastal conditions.

Shrubs: Bluebird Rose-of-Sharon

Single blue flowers with maroon eyes on upright, vase-shaped shrubs. As tall as 10 ft x 8 ft in the ground, smaller in our climate or in a large pot. Not available in 2021.

Shrubs: Blushing Bride Rose-of-Sharon
Blushing Bride

Stiffly upright shrubs have double, blush pink flowers with darker eyes. 8 ft tall x 6 ft wide in hotter climates, less so in ours. Easily grown in a large pot, though size will be smaller. $7. 2 pots available.

Shrubs: Santolina Edward Bowles
Santolina Edward Bowles

Dwarf evergreen shrubs from the Mediterranean valued for their aromatic gray-green foliage more than their cream button-like flowers. Plants tend to sprawl after flowering, so you might want to sheer flowers off before they bloom. Similar growing conditions to lavenders: sun, well-drained soil, shelter from cold winds. Reliably deer-proof and drought tolerant once established. 2 ft tall x 3-5 ft wide. $4. Sold out 2021.

Securinega suffruticosa

Graceful, urn-shaped deciduous shrub with bright green foliage and inconsequential greenish white flowers. It’s true beauty lies in its Japanese garden vibe. This plant is also an essential ingredient in Chinese herbal medicine. 3-6 ft tall x 2-5 ft wide. Sun to partial shade. $7. 11 1-gallon pots available.

Shrubs: Sorbaria
Sorbaria Sorbifolia

Also known as False Spiraea. Suckering shrub for sun to partial shade and moist soil. This shrub boasts feathery deciduous foliage and creamy flower panicles, but must be sited carefully due to its suckering and colonizing habit. Consider growing in a large pot to limit colonizing. 5-8 ft tall and wide in the ground, considerably smaller in a pot. $8. 2 pots available.


A diverse group of flowering shrubs heavily used in the garden. These hardy, easy to grow deciduous shrubs come in a wide range of sizes, colours, and forms. Best in full sun to light shade, in well-draining soil.

Our spiraeas range in size from 1 to 2 gallon pots. Please see below for pricing.
Shrubs: Spiraea Billardii

Medium shrub with large rose-purple flower clusters. Fond of moist, acidic soil. Best in full sun. 4 ft tall and wide. 1 two-gallon pot at $10 & 3 one-gallon pots at $8.

Bridal Wreath

A vase-shaped shrub with gracefully arching branches cloaked in thick sprays of double white blooms in spring. A variety of Spiraea vanhouttei treasured for its abundant bloom and old-fashioned appeal. Grow in acidic soil, in sun to partial shade, although flowering is best in full sun. Deer resistant. 6-8 ft tall x 8-10 ft wide in the ground, smaller in a large pot. $10. 16 pots available.

Pink Ice

Another Spiraea vanhouttei variety with stunning, variegated foliage. Green leaves are speckled with white and tinged pink, then followed in early summer by abundant white flowers. A medium shrub with a bushy, mounding habit. Full sun is preferred, although it will tolerate light shade. Deer resistant. 3-4 ft tall x 4-5 ft wide. $10. 2 pots available.

Shrubs: Spiraea Shirobana

Spiraea japonica variety growing into a small shrub whose bright green leaves are blanketed with white, pink, and red flower clusters in summer, all three colours on the same plant. Sun. Dwarf shrub is 3-4 ft tall and wide. $16. 31 2-gallon pots available.

Shrubs: Spiraea Snowmound

Also known as Spiraea nipponica. A dense, easy care shrub with graceful spreading branches covered in snowy white blooms in late spring. Partial to full sun in well-drained soil. 5-8 ft tall and wide. $10. 1 pot available.


Old-fashioned, often fragrant shrubs with showy pink or white flowers and, for the deciduous varieties, colourful fall foliage.

Our Viburnums are in 1-2 gallon pots and priced at $8 each.
Shrubs: Viburnum Dawn
Bodnantense Dawn

Also known as Arrowwood, this large deciduous and upright shrub offers showy clusters of fragrant pink flowers in late winter. Sun to partial shade in all types of soil. 5-8 ft tall x 3-5 ft wide. Sold out 2021.

Shrubs: Viburnum Davidii

Compact evergreen shrub with leathery blue-green foliage and flattened clusters of white flowers in spring. Due to its dwarf, mounding habit, Davidii makes a good choice for a low, informal hedge or ground cover. Sun to partial shade in acidic soil. 2-3 ft tall x 3-4 ft wide. 1 pot available.

Shrubs: Wallflower Bowles Mauve
Wallflower Bowles Mauve

This is the perennial shrub form rather than the biennial. From an attractive mound of gray-green foliage rise a multitude of mauve purple flower spikes. This evergreen shrub flowers so profusely and over such a long period – from March through October or longer – that it’s a challenge finding nonflowering shoots from which to take cuttings! Easy care in full sun. Both drought and deer tolerant. Every garden should have a Bowles Mauve Wallflower! 18-24 inches tall x 15-18 inches wide. $12. Sold out 2021.


Hardy and easy care, these deciduous shrubs flower from May through July on old wood, so make sure to limit your pruning to just after flowering. Flowers are tubular in shades of red, pink, and white. A favourite of hummingbirds! Weigelas perform best in full sun in rich garden soil.

Our Weigelas are in 1-2 gallon pots and priced at $12 each.
Shrubs: Weigela variegated pink
Variegated Pink

Dwarf Weigela with green leaves edged in yellow. Clusters of shell pink bells adorn foliage in spring and add a cottage garden feel to the planting. 3-5 ft tall and wide. 15 pots available.

Shrubs: Weigela wine red
Wine Red

A vigorous selection with wine red flowers atop dark green foliage. A cottage garden favourite. 5-6 ft tall and wide. 5 pots available.

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