Garden Babies for Birthright Plant Sales

Garden Babies for Birthright Plant Sales 2019

Our Birthright Plant Sales benefit the work of Birthright Victoria, offering caring support to women facing unplanned pregnancy.

Garden Babies for Birthright Plant Sales 2019

Ardent gardeners and Birthright Victoria supporters look forward to these sales all year round for their great selection of vigorous plants, knowledgeable help, and wonderful prices.  Not to mention that your purchases help to support women struggling with unexpected pregnancy issues.  That makes attending one of our Birthright Plant Sales a win/win opportunity!

This year, we’re showcasing deer resistant plants at all three of our May Plant Sales.  We’ll be in Langford on May 4 and in Sidney and Oak Bay on May 11.

May 4  9 AM – 1 PM: Plant Sale at Our Lady of the Rosary 798 Goldstream, Langford.  The first of our May Plant Sales!  Keep an eye on our selection of flowering shrubs.  They go fast!  Browse our perennials, herbs, ground-covers, and veggies while you’re at it.  And don’t forget to look over our wall of plant pictures to whet your appetite.  You’ll also find a large list of deer resistant plants (our 2019 feature) plus lists for drought, shade loving, and shade tolerant plants.  Plant donations gratefully accepted Friday, May 3, from 3 – 5 PM.
May 11  8 AM – 1 PM: Plant Sale at St. Elizabeth’s Church 10030 3rd Ave, Sidney.  In conjunction with the local Knights of Columbus Garage Sale.  Each plant sale has a different flavour and somewhat different plants due to local plant donations.  This plant sale always comes up winners with some unusual plant contributions!  Expect the same picture boards and plant lists as at the Langford sale, weather permitting.  This one’s an outside sale, so wild weather can make for hairy reading!   A great selection of flowering shrubs, ground-covers, bulbs, herbs, and perennials!  Plant donations gratefully accepted Friday, May 10, from 3 – 6 PM.
May 11  9 AM – 1 PM: Plant Sale at St. Patrick’s Church 2060 Haultain Ave, Oak Bay.  Flowering shrubs, ground covers, perennials, herbs, and veggies.  Helpful volunteers to walk you through the plants and make suggestions to suit your gardening needs.  Picture boards and lists for deer resistant plants, drought, shade lovers and shade tolerants.  And great prices!  This sale has everything you need for starting a new garden or filling out an established one.  Plant donations gratefully accepted Friday, May 10, from 3 – 5 PM.

Birthright Victoria Office Hours Update

We’re Expanding Our Office Hours!

New Office Hours:

Beginning December 11, we will be open Mondays from 11 AM – 2 PM (closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).  Watch for additional Wednesday hours in the New Year as we welcome Hannah and Renata to our crew of dedicated Birthright volunteers.

Complete Hours:

Welcome to Birthright Victoria.  We’d like to help in any way we can.  Please follow the link to our contact page to see a complete list of our hours and how to reach us.

Because coping with an unplanned pregnancy is not something anyone should have to do alone…


Birthright Victoria’s AGM June 28 at 1:30 PM

Birthright Victoria’s AGM

If you care about…

  • the lives of women involved in crisis pregnancies
  • creating a positive future for both mother and baby
  • making a difference, one woman at a time

then you are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting.  Birthright Victoria’s AGM will take place in our office in the Central Building downtown, across View Street from the Bay Centre.

Birthright Victoria

provides support to women dealing with unplanned pregnancy.  Our services are free and confidential.  We offer free pregnancy testing, maternity and baby clothes, friendship, and other pregnancy info.  Our most important gift is our volunteers.  When a woman is in crisis, this is what she needs.  A caring person.  A listening ear.  A warm hug.  A safe place to talk.  Birthright Victoria.  We’re here and we care.

Birthright Victoria’s AGM details

Date: June 28, 2016                                     Time: 1:30 PM                        Location: 513 – 620 View Street


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Because coping with an unplanned pregnancy is not something anyone should have to do alone…

Unplanned pregnancy – help us help them

Our new social media campaign

You can help us help women facing unplanned pregnancy. 

We’ve designed a series of jpg images  for use by Birthright supporters on various social media sites.  It’s simple to help spread the word about Birthright’s support services: just contact us and tell us which social media you’d like to use: Facebook, Twitter, etc.  We’ll email you a set of jpg images.  Post a different jpg image in your feed each week and help to advertise our services to women dealing with unplanned pregnancy among your friends on social media.  See one of our jpg images in someone else’s feed?  Like us and spread the word!

A Mothering Instinct Well honed Bridget O’Brien

A Mothering Instinct Well Honed

Bridget O'Brien: 1927 – 2014, with Peggy Chapeskie
Bridget O’Brien: 1927 – 2014, with Peggy Chapeskie

A Seasoned Volunteer

Bridget died Christmas Eve 2014.  20 years ago, when I was new to Birthright, Bridget was already a seasoned volunteer. I remember a training shift with Bridget all those years ago. Upon learning that I had not brought a lunch, she promptly split her sandwich with me. That was the kind of person she was. Generous. Kind. Strong-willed. A former midwife who came from England as a young woman to work in the Canadian Arctic delivering babies before retiring to Victoria.

A Humble Woman

In many ways, Bridget lived a quiet, private life, and yet she also made lifelong friends by introducing herself to strangers at bus stops. Bridget loved to talk and visit.  And take care of others. She had that mothering instinct well honed even though she never married or had children of her own. At a goodbye tea for her when we knew she was dying, Bridget was to be found offering trays of food around. She was humble that way.

A Loving Heart

Bridget did things quietly, without drawing attention to herself. Once, years ago, I discovered quite by accident that Bridget was quietly providing baby-minding to one of our Birthright mothers who was finishing an advanced education program. Two, three days a week, for months, she went in, cared for the baby, did some housework, enabled this young Mum to finish her education so she could make a life for herself and her baby. All with no fanfare. Just a loving heart.

A Beautiful Symmetry

For our small group of volunteers, Bridget was a part of our close-knit “Birthright family.” Sometimes in life, we are privileged to witness a beautiful symmetry. For Bridget, who once quietly cared for a new mother’s baby, another of our volunteers stepped forward to care for Bridget. Daily, quietly, again with no fanfare, she visited, brought her soft foods which she could eat, accompanied her to all of her many medical appointments. Bridget shared with me her wondering amazement that her friend had made this commitment to be with her daily on this her final journey. She was humble that way. And, I think, moved.

Rest in Peace, old friend.  You will be dearly missed.

Peggy Chapeskie
Birthright Victoria Director